Friday, October 7, 2011


I haven't posted in a million years, but my mind has been working.  I think about people I love all the time, but I lack the ability to sit still long enough to put those thoughts on paper (so to speak... who uses paper?).  I was pleased when my mind started to drift toward an old friend... I felt absolutely compelled to tell her about it.  

Janice Colvin,  do you know that I think about you all the time?  I bet you don't.  I have started to send you messages on Facebook about 5 times now and somehow I always get distracted by the kids or by life and I have yet to even let you know that I am planning to get back in touch with you... and at this rate I never will, will I?

If you dont' know Janice, I wish you did.  So much time has passed since she has been a day-to-day part of my life, and I do miss those days.  Janice is a bright spot.  She is a ray of sunshine.  She is walking laughter and all kinds of warmth.  When I think of her I smile... the ear-to-ear kind of smile that not everyone gives you.  I have had times with Janice when my face hurt from laughing, and I have had a time with her when I cried my eyes out.

I know so little about her life right now.  I do feel like a bad friend so much of the time.  So much of the day I spend doing my own thing and getting lost in the details of the day that, while my mind drifts over fond memories of people I love, I never spare the seconds to simply reach out and tell them.

So Janice, I miss your laugh.  I miss your sense of humor and the way you used to brighten my day when I saw you.  And once when I didn't know who to turn to for support over a break-up that seemed, at that point, to be the end of the world, you listened to me.  I hope you know I would always be there for you, even if I'm not the best at reaching out.

I love you, and I hope you're well.

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