Friday, August 19, 2011

August Top 10

I have been slacking.  With a million and two things going on in my life lately:  getting engaged to the greatest man alive, raising 4 brilliant children, being an auntie to the cutest cuties in the world, planning a wedding, babysitting a sweet little munchkin... just to name a few.  So, I'm stealing my friend Becky Day's favorite format, and once in a while I want to do a top 10.  The top 10 ways that my life has been touched by the people around me, and the people I'm grateful to for reaching out to me. 

1.   Brian Menz.  For wanting to marry me:)  For loving my kids like a daddy, for making me feel loved and accepted for all of my imperfections day after day... even when I don't deserve it.  He is the most faithful and loyal man I know.... with endless patience for me:)

2. Mommy (Barb Schiefen Scott).  For everything.  For this house.  For countless nights of babysitting.  For gardening.  For talking.  For listening to me complain and cry.  For drinking wine with me.  For loving me all the time:)  I love you.

3.  Meg Scott.  For making me remember that there is a comical side to everything.  For forgiving me for being a jerk sometimes.  For breaking the ice when we're in a fight by saying, "We're fighting" with funny arm gestures.  For already being the coolest Matron of Honor a girl could ask for.  She is the best sister a girl could have, and keeps me on my toes every day.

4. Cindy Bushey.  For making me feel like a sister, always welcoming the kids and I into her home like family and being the most excited shopper in the known universe for my wedding.  For the examples in patience and parenting that you give me every day.

5.  Becky Daye.  For keeping me focused on God when the times get tough.  Her council has helped me in times when I felt hopeless and helpless.  For moving to Rochester just to live near me... well, there might be other reasons for that too but I am unaware of them:) She is showing me what it means to trust in God, and I appreciate her example.

6.  Elliot Saks.  For sending me a message out of the blue to say he cares.  For making my heart happy and for understanding my Korean.

7.  Meghan O'Brien.  For re-kindling an amazing old friendship with me, one that I've grown fairly dependent on in the last few months. Dinner and margaritas soon?

8.  Holly Downs.  For making me mow the lawn barefoot.  She makes me remember that (and this is totally unrelated to the barefoot lawnmowing) it's alright to be yourself and to march to the beat of your own drummer:)  She is inspirational in every way.

9.  Cristina Johnson, Jeff Hawkins and Gris & Johnny Watts Jr.  For keeping me connected to my Army family, and never forgetting about me.

10.  Noah, Jack, Avery and Sawyer Lauer.  For their smiles, good looks, charm, overall silliness and for making my life worth waking up for every day:)

Shoot... 10 wasn't enough!!!!  Well, the rest of you will have to be on your guard:)  You might pop up in here soon!